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Our Story

PositiveSelf was set up by Hayley and Simon. As parents to three girls, two of whom are teenagers, we have become acutely aware of the stresses and distractions that kids face these days. The constant buzzing of their tablet or phone, the impossible expectations created by social media, the never-ending slog of school and homework, the complications of friendship groups and kids… the list is endless and can take the shine away from the brightest child.  Our Little Can of Can-Do was created to give daily doses of affirmation and mindfulness exercises, to help build a can-do attitude and a positive mindset. 

We wanted something simple and colourful but still include important messages about confidence, mindfulness and gratitude. Whilst we had seen various journals and tools in the marketplace, from our own experience, we knew that not every child will commit to writing something out daily so we wanted to create something quick and fun for kids to engage with.  With colourful pictures to catch the eye one side and a prompt or exercise on the other. Our kids have been involved at every stage of the process and have tried out many of the exercises to see which works best for them.

We are really proud to have partnered with local charity Yis (Young People Mental Health services) on the Little Can of Can-Do. Behind the scenes, the charity has been really helpful in feeding back on the product and the can's mindful exercises and positivity prompts. Whilst purposely keeping the well-being messages light and fun to ensure that children 8 years + can engage with them, the exercises help to encourage positive thinking, reduce stress levels and build confidence.

From there, our range of cans have grown to include the Can of Calm for adults, a can to help keep kids safe on social media and deluxe cans that have added elements such as fairy lights and candles. Our ambition at PositiveSelf is to create a range of tools to help people, young and old, to de-stress, enjoy life and be grateful. 

We hope everyone enjoys their cans and they help spreads a little bit of joy and well-being, going a little way to helping people create their more positive self! 

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