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Proud to Be Partnering with Kid's Mental Health Charity YiS

We are really proud to officially announce our partnership with local charity Yis (Young People Mental Health services) Behind the scenes the charity has been really helpful in feeding back on the product and the can's mindful exercises and positivity prompts. Whilst purposely keeping the well-being messages light and fun to ensure that children 8 years + can engage with it, the exercises help to encourage positive thinking, reduce stress levels and build confidence.

Indeed Antonietta, the charity's Lead in Education and Training comments:
“Our charity YiS, supports young people's mental health throughout Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire through counselling, education and training; so when Hayley and Simon contacted us about the little can of can-do, we were delighted to get involved with such a great well-being product for children and young adults. Messages of mindfulness and positivity can make a real difference to children and teenagers who might need that extra affirmation in their lives and the cards are great tools to start discussions on mental health and feelings which in turn helps nurture self-belief in childhood which will stay with them through their life"

Teaming up with the charity has been a joy and their enthusiasm and passion for helping children, parents, schools and organisations touched by mental health issues is inspiring. We are proud that we can 'give back' by giving a contribution of our profits - each can sale will help the charity support kids with mental health issues and we would like to thank our customers for helping to make this happen.

YiS Young People's Mental Health, based in Milton Keynes, is a long-running independent charity that supports young people's mental health throughout the UK through counselling, education and training. They provide free and confidential BACP accredited counselling for young people aged 11-21 and offer training to businesses and schools We work with a range of issues including anxiety, depression, anger, recovery from abuse, family problems, relationship difficulties and many more. They also deliver high quality, engaging and interactive mental health and wellbeing workshops in schools and workplaces from bitesize sessions to full-day workshops. For more information please visit their website www.mkyis.org.uk

It's great to have them as a soundboard as we grow our 'little cans' to cover a wide variety of issues and help people, young and old, to de-stress, enjoy life and build a more positive self.

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