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Managing anxiety for you and your children during COVID-19

It's a terrifying time at the moment with the threat of coronavirus spreading and the government issuing unprecedented measure to stop it. Its anxiety-provoking for adults and kids alike. Feelings of fear, anxiety, sadness and confusion are all normal during a time like this, so don't feel like you are alone. However, there are certain things we can do to help keep both your body and mind stronger and take care of yourself and your family:

Take a break from the news
It's information overload at the moment, and there doesn't seem to be 5 minutes when the media, publications or social media are not discussing COVID-19. Get information from reliable sources and turn it off when you've got the facts. Be wary of the kids being around the news and TV; it's amazing how much they pick up without you knowing.

Recognise the thing you can control
Like washing your hands, staying in and making the most of the time as a family. Planning ahead so you need to go out to the shops less. Putting together an action plan and keeping busy so you feel more focused on what you are doing and less worried about what's going on out there. Also remember these are unprecedented times and you can only do so much - whether that's homeschooling, trying to work from home, just getting in enough food for the family. Take a step back and realise you can only do what you can, don't beat yourself up with unrealistic expectations.

Practise self -care
Look after yourself and your family. Eating a balanced diet, getting plenty of sleep, engaging in leisure activities in the house or garden, going for a long walk (whilst socially distancing) will help you stay physically and mentally healthy. Good self-care will also keep your immune system robust.

Be positive
Be aware of how your feelings and emotions affect other people, especially your children. Kids often adopt the coping strategies they observe in their parents. Parents who grow anxious during a pandemic may end up witnessing their children develop anxiety right along with them. It's important to keep kids informed of the facts while keeping calm and positive.

Use mindfulness
Mindfulness and meditation have never been so important for everyone, young and old. Taking the time to re-set, enjoy the moment, feel gratitude and promote positivity during these dark times will help lift the spirit and enhance your well being. Building a daily habit of carrying out a mindful exercise with your child will allow you both to take time out and feel calm, helping to develop a more positive can-do mindset.

Using the above techniques will help you to ease your stress and worry and this, in turn, will help your children to deal with their own worries in a more positive way. Remember that although we are living in strange and troubling times at that the moment, the pandemic will pass and we will reach the other side, hopefully with a new appreciation for the lives we lead and the friends and family that surround us.

Keep safe and best wishes from the team at Alittlecan-do xx

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