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Our little Green Can - ensuring eco-friendly products

We passionately believe in sustainability here at a little can-do and try our best to ensure we are being as environmentally-friendly as possible. 

When creating the little can we wanted to produce something that could be used after the month's worth of exercises and prompts had been read and enjoyed. The can is plainly decorated to allow for further usage and customers have gone on to use the cans to hold makeup brushes, pen and pencils and even collect coins. The cards themselves can be saved to remind kids of the exercises but also the photos can be pinned up as postcards to brighten a bedroom or office space.
The product is made lovingly in the UK, ensuring postage and transportation of goods is kept to a minimum when it comes to our carbon footprint.

The materials for the cans and cards themselves have been thoughtfully sourced, all our recycled cardboard is sourced in the UK or EU, lowering the distance needed to process it, and helping minimise local emissions. The final products are all FSC certified.  

All our cardboard products are 100% recyclable and can meet all International Standards for Cardboard Recycling. This means that they can be placed in home-recycling bins.

We are proud of the fact our little cans of can-do have not only a positive effect on the minds of kids and teenagers everywhere but the eco-friendly nature of the product ensures we are doing our bit of the environment too. 

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